We must live with the virus

We must live with the virus

A well known fact of 2020 is that Covid-19 is going to stay and all of earth needs to adapt to our social life according to it. The life around us is no longer the same as it used to be and things have started to change very slowly. 

We must live with the virus

A well-known fact at this time is that Covid-19 is going to stay and all of the earth needs to adapt our social life according to it. Life around us is no longer the same as it used to be and things have started to change very slowly. The Australian PM has decided to ease up the restrictions slowly and steadily. According to him, these small steps will allow the Australians to adapt slowly and the revival of the economy will be on track. The country is on the way to making sure that everybody gets vaccinated and the rate of vaccination increases. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday, August 23, 2021, that the country must begin to ease strict COVID-19 restrictions once vaccination rates increases. Although as per the present scenario the states have shown their reluctance to the decision of  Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Some states may not even follow the national plan. The plan includes currently relaxing the border. States like Sydney have seen a surge that broke one-day records for infections. Every state has understood that lockdowns can not go forever. 

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"(Lockdowns) cannot go on forever. This is not a sustainable way to live in this country," Mr. Morrison said during a televised media conference in Canberra.

The federal government has laid down 4 stage plans to lose the restrictions if 70% of its 25 million people are vaccinated.  The plan also includes inter-state travel if vaccination reaches 80%.

States like Queensland and New South Wales have raised deep concerns. These states have seen days when Covid-19 infection cases have crossed 800 for the last few days. New South Wales just reported more than 800 cases. 

As per the data Australian government has managed the pandemic and stopped the spread of infection better than most countries. But the delay and slow vaccination rollout in Sydney forced the country to have strict lockdown rules to fight covid-19 outbreaks. At present 30% of the people who are above 16 years of age are being fully vaccinated while 52% have had at least one dose. Vaccinations are running at a record pace but the target of 80% fully vaccinated will not be reached until December at the current rate.

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