Why Ireland should be on your list if you are choosing to go abroad to study

Why Ireland should be on your list if you are choosing to go abroad to study

Going abroad is a costly adventure in its own right, but it is important to access the country, it's environment and the business cultures. In order to create a good career in any industry one needs to study from a good university and get an internship to acquire some work experience. 

Why Ireland should be on your list if you are choosing to go abroad to study

Ireland is one of the best countries to do just that. Ireland has the capacity to open various doors for you if you are planning to go there for your higher studies. Ireland as a country is able to attract large numbers of corporations and they are able to create jobs for the fresh university graduates. A lot of talented individuals from India are going there for their studies. 

Why do Indian students choose Ireland as their study abroad destination?

Ireland gives Indian students the opportunity to study in an English-speaking country that is connected to most of the Western countries on good terms. This creates a great opportunity for the students who want to explore different cultures and try their hands in different industries. Another advantage is that after Brexit in the European Union, Ireland is the only country where the majority of the people speak English. 

Do Indian Students get better opportunities in Ireland?

This small nation has a lot to offer to international students as there are many universities here that have secured their ranking on the world’s top list of the best universities. There are more than 5000 programs that are offered in those universities and they rank amongst the top 5% worldwide. Cost-effectiveness is another reason why Indian students choose Ireland as their study destination. Compared to other countries Ireland is quite cost-effective. Exposure to diverse cultures is another advantage of studying in Ireland. Ireland is one of those countries where universities help students for financing their studies. There are hundreds of scholarships present for students which can be availed in case students have financial difficulties. Students who have good academics can avail scholarships from the Ireland Government as well. There are numerous scholarships provided by other organizations and Irish higher education institutions. Dublin and Galway are ranked amongst the top international student-friendly places as per the data from Conde Nast in 2020. So if Indian students are scared or agitated about racial discrimination can take a breath of relief. These places are accustomed to diverse international students who come from different countries and nationalities. So any kind of harm from the locals is unexpected in Ireland. 

Opportunities for work in Ireland for the Indian students

The Irish third-level graduate scheme allows students to work after they finish their studies in Ireland. It is a  blessing in disguise because every student requires some sort of work opportunity to gain experience. Non-Eu students can stay back for 2 years for work experience. One of the major advantages of learning from Ireland universities is that the employment rate is on average 85%-90%. This is one of the countries where Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Byte Dance, and other tech giants have offices and they hire frequently. So as a student if you are looking forward to getting hired by top tech companies then this is a good country. Apart from these top tech companies, other sectors in Ireland possess good demand for students with good talents. The Healthcare sector, manufacturing sectors, analytics, and data engineering jobs are also in demand. These are some of the booming industries in Ireland currently. 

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Effect on the Job sector due to pandemic

A major hurdle for the Indian students can be the effect that is done by the pandemic on the job sector. Due to the pandemic, a lot of people have lost their jobs and many companies went bankrupt. Although the data from the OECD suggests that Ireland is one of those countries which is least affected by the pandemic and whatever downfall happened is recovered quickly compared to other countries. The Irish government was very quick to respond to the pandemic and made sure that the country is more than safe in the time of the pandemic. The government of Ireland provided medical support to the international students along with weekly compensation to battle the tough time. 
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