Data science – why is it the hottest career right now?

Data science – why is it the hottest career right now?

Data science is the hottest career in the 20th century and it is growing at a rapid pace. Companies with hundreds of Gigabytes worth of data require Data Analysts, Data mining professionals, Data scientists, business analysts. As per the present scenario data is the next oil. 

Data science – why is it the hottest career right now?

The exponential growth in adoption of web and mobile technologies leads to challenges and opportunities for all kinds of businesses. These businesses now gather large amounts of data which most of the time used to go unnoticed. This requires people with particular skills to analyze these huge amounts of unstructured data. This analysis process  is challenging in itself but the analysis of this data provides huge advantages to the businesses. 

Why is data science the hottest career choice and you should choose it?

After the green revolution the yield of the field increased to a level that is able to feed the world. Scientists are arguing that the introduction of data science will bring another revolution in the industry. As per the present scenario all the businesses are trying to implement some sort of data science vertical in their organization. The industry is moving towards automation and service based on artificial intelligence and the internet of things which is slowly integrating itself into the lives of everyday humans. Already artificial intelligence is shaping the way we consume entertainment on the internet, how we shop online and how we find information. 

Data science and artificial intelligence are wide spread topics and their applications across businesses can be diverse. The exponential growth of the technology and higher adoption rate make this industry almost evergreen. Currently the demand is high and the corresponding supply is low apart from all of these the entry barrier is also very high in this field. 

Some of these companies are generating petabytes of data which go unutilized. Needless to mention, data science has revolutionized all major industry sectors including banking, health care, entertainment, sports, service sector and many more.  

In recent times many popular universities have started providing courses related to this field to encourage more people to get into this field. Some of the universities also have ranks in the list of World’s Top Universities. Some of their offerings offer postgraduate programs specializing in data science with a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, business analysis and cloud computing.  

What are the best places to study Data Science ?

Data Science is a growing field but in order to have a good understanding of the field one needs to practice and understand the practical aspects of data science. So places where universities are highly active and closely connected with the industry can have the upper hand. Places where you should go to learn data science are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand. Master Programs and short courses of leading universities of these countries can help you to crack into this industry. One of the major factors that can put halt in your plan can be the Visa requirements and university applications. In that scenario our organization can be a great help to you. We have literally helped thousands of students apply to good universities in different countries abroad. Our experience of this domain can ease your life a lot. Our experts can help you to find better universities or colleges abroad for specific courses related to data science.

Career opportunities 

In this fast growing world the opportunities for Data science professionals are gigantic. Some of the organizations are paying a premium to acquire the right talent for their organization.

Some of the work profile you can apply after graduation as a data science professional

  1. Business Intelligence Developer
  2. Application Architect
  3. Infrastructure Architect
  4. Data scientist 
  5. Data architect 
  6. Data administrator 
  7. Data analyst
  8. Data Engineer
  9. Application Architect Manager
  10. Data analyst Manager
  11. Machine Learning  engineer 
  12. Machine Learning Scientist
  13. Business analyst
  14. Marketing analyst

What exams do you need to take?

The requirements for different universities can be different. Some of the universities go with GRE or GMAT exams while some universities do not require these examinations. There are universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK and in Ireland which do not require any exams at all in order to take admission. Although, English language proficiency tests like IELTS are mandatory for all the universities across English speaking nations.

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