Ultimate guide to applying to universities in the UK

Ultimate guide to applying to universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most premier educational institutes that have etched their name in both Times Higher Education Rankings. With an array of bachelor’s and master’s programs and a vibrant atmosphere, these institutes attract lakhs of international students who prefer to go to the United Kingdom to gain the best quality education. Education is not the only thing that attracts students to the United Kingdom. It is also blessed with a vibrant pop music culture, tourist destinations, and amazing cuisines. Further, the United Kingdom is also known to be one of the world’s most renowned financial centers. It hosts some of the world’s top 100 corporations, attracting nearly 600,000 international students each year. The attraction for this has also been since the time when the new visa laws have been implemented for students looking to work in post studies!. What is the admission process? The admission process for the UK is very straightforward; however, there are different processes for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

Ultimate  guide to applying to universities in the UK


The undergraduate process for the UK is one of the easiest processes that one can look forward to. However, there are some things that need to be kept in mind. The UK has set up a portal called the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.) This portal allows you to browse, shortlist and apply to all the universities that you are looking forward to in the UK.

Application Deadlines

While applying through the UCAS, all the applications should be with the UCAS on the below mentioned deadlines – depending on what courses you apply for.

If you're applying through your school/college, please check their deadline, and follow this to get your application in on time towing to the timelines that the schools will follow. Following are the deadlines that you must keep in mind:


A postgraduate degree is one of the most important decisions that one takes during their career trajectory. There can be many different courses that you can look at. What matters more is the idea behind why you wish to pursue the masters, or, in other words, what is your motivation behind it. Over 15,00,000+ students apply for a masters degree to the UK and since the advent of COVID, this number has only seen a steep growth. The different kinds of masters that people can consider looking at are MBA, MiM, and Masters programs that are looking for specializations in specific domains.

The intent behind master’s:

Why is the intent behind the master's degree important?

The intent behind your masters defines your future goals and clarity of thought on why you want to pursue this master’s. It is imperative to know what you want to do in the future and why you wish to pursue this degree since this answer is what universities want in your essays or statement of purpose.

What should your SOP look like?

SOP is all about relating what you have done so far with your desired course of study. It is a way through which you can demonstrate your passion and motivations to pursue this course.

You need to communicate that your past actions such as your course of study (subjects and/or stream) have provided you with enough transferable skills to be prepared for your masters/undergraduate study program. Thus, assessing how pragmatic your aspirations are is crucial.

While the UK application deadlines are mostly rolling, these are also dependent on the courses that you are applying for.

To pursue an MBA you will have deadlines based on various rounds. MBA applications are based on rounds and usually, the best time to apply is during the first and the second rounds. On a ballpark, the deadlines are ranging from August end or September start and end by January mid.

For a masters degree, the deadlines are not based on rounds; however, some courses might have priority deadlines for international students. These priority deadlines usually end in mid October, so if you are looking to apply in those, and your course offers that, you must keep that on your calendar and get all the documents ready way before that.

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