Australia-India collaboration will nurture global success for both of the countries

Australia-India collaboration will nurture global success for both of the countries

SAIEP or Study Australia Industry Immersion Program is launched by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission to  further improve Indian students' employability skills. In recent years Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison have linked remarkable collaboration efforts to increase the ties between two countries.

Australia-India collaboration will nurture global success for both of the countries

 These collaboration efforts will have economic and social benefits for both of the nations. Both of the countries have understood the importance of the educational sector and are willing to increase their effort to further increase the potential of the industry.

India and Australia have a good relationship and the relationship is at its height now. The pace of the whole development is rapidly taking shape. Strategic Partnership which was developed in 2020. As per the recent developments one can understand that education is a sector which holds great potential. 

These efforts include online and offline blended learning processes, joint degrees in several fields and offshore campuses. Government is also working on different ways to increase the recognition of different degrees across both countries. Australia and India by the end of the year, with implementation to take place in 2023. 

Education ties 

Indian students have always found Australia a great study destination from early 2000. To study abroad approximately 40% - 30% eligible students go to Australia. In 2019 alone more than 100,000 were admitted to Australian universities. Some of the Indian students who went to Australia for their higher education, now working in important positions in big Australian organizations. 

Australian institutions rank among the top global universities. The cost of education is also high in Australia due to the high quality of education. Australian universities also make sure that their high quality of education is maintained with relevant curriculum and  sophisticated support.

Australia also offers attractive post-study work rights to international students. Recently, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission has launched SAIEP (Study Australia Industry Immersion Program) for current Indian students at Australian universities to enhance their employability skills. Indian universities and Australian universities are trying to find out the models where students can move to an Australian university to complete the rest of their education.

Australian universities are also known for their research and innovation based teaching methods. Australian universities are also responsible for 2.7% of the world's scientific research output. Australian researchers are responsible for different breakthroughs including Wi-Fi and Penicillin. Capable research institutes in Australia provide breakthrough inputs in the field of Energy, Food, Agriculture and many more. The Australian pharma and biomedical sector supported by its universities’ strong interdisciplinary focus has helped in solving complex problems. 

Partnerships between both countries are destined to grow due to shared priorities. Indian IT giant HCL – which has operations in Australia has commended Australian universities on their research capabilities to make technology work in different sectors of the economy. Senior education and industry leaders in both countries see exponential growth in collaborative translational research. The opportunity for collaboration is very real, both countries are working together to enhance education and research outcomes with clear benefits for the people, businesses, and society. 

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