College course credit system now in India: How this will change the study abroad journey

College course credit system now in India: How this will change the study abroad journey

Recent years have been tough for many people around the world. There are some drastic changes that have happened. There are virtual classes happening around the world to make sure that students attend the schools and colleges. The whole world went through turmoil. The classroom system went through a digital revolution and online learning became a common thing. The pandemic has forced the world to accept online learning to be the new normal. 

College course credit system now in India: How this will change the study abroad journey
From the application process to different kinds of virtual classes have become normal. Hybrid learning and transferable college credits are now helping students gain more knowledge.

Academic Bank of Credits 
July 2021 Indian UGC formed an Academic Bank of Credits that would help students learn subjects of their choice from multiple colleges and universities.
This is a credit transfer system which will help students to choose their learning path. 

College course credit system
College credit system is nothing but a standard which is to evaluate a students’ progress during the whole course of education. It helps students in different ways that students don't even understand. 

Reduces costs significantly
College course credits when pursued online can significantly reduce costs for students aspiring to study abroad as they are offered at less than 20% of the cost of pursuing them on a campus.

Flexible timing and work opportunities
Working can be done at normal pace, enrolling for other courses; students can also change or modify their curriculum. 

Create path for dream universities
Applications for big universities can be strengthened with the help of credits. 

Applying to study abroad with credits
It is very important to understand the credit system. These credits can help students to get into foreign universities. 

Don’t shy away from research 
Research sets a strong foundation for any step students take up in their study abroad journey and hence it’s significant to be thorough with the research.

Analyze and understand
Generally, each course is worth a particular amount of credit points, which is determined by a variety of factors such as the workload of the student, the learning outcome, and the number of hours spent on coursework.

Stay updated
This process like every other evolves over time, with new innovations powered by digital learning and it’s important for students to keep track of changes.

How Edtech is facilitating college course credits for students 
Since the onset of the pandemic, digital learning has evolved multifold and has taken center stage. With the help of technology, there are new ways of earning credits through courses that are interactive, cinematic, engaging, and use cutting-edge evidence-based techniques to give students an experience like never before.

Students get access to:
Top universities:
These online courses that help in earning credits also feature top instructors from schools like Yale, Cornell, NYU, MIT etc.
Fast-paced growth:
Aspiring high school students are able to jumpstart their higher education journey early as they will have successfully finished college-level courses while still in high school.

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