International Education: A Preferred Choice for Indian Students (2023/2024)

International Education: A Preferred Choice for Indian Students (2023/2024)

Studying abroad has become a popular choice for Indian students over the years. Despite the presence of numerous prestigious institutions in India, an increasing number of students are opting to study internationally. There are a couple of factors that drive Indian students to opt for international education rather than pursuing their studies within India

International Education: A Preferred Choice for Indian Students (2023/2024)

The attraction of studying abroad

The academic programs in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are renowned for their excellence, furnishing learners with a worldwide outlook that holds immense significance in today's job market. Studying an MBA program in India costs around 20 lakhs, which is approximately the same cost as studying the same program in the UK, even after including scholarships Students can gain valuable global exposure by choosing to study in countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada. Furthermore, students have the option to work part-time while studying and can take advantage of post-study work visa benefits, opening doors for potential settlement in the country. These opportunities offer a unique experience for students looking to broaden their horizons and increase their chances of success in the international job market.

Options: Post-study Work Visa   

United Kingdom: 

The Graduate route provides international students with the opportunity to work or search for work for up to 2 years after their studies, or up to 3 years for Ph.D. students, without any minimum salary requirements or visa sponsorship. Students who are enrolled in Tier 4/Student visa programs will need to apply for permission under this route in the UK after successfully completing their degree.

However, there are specific eligibility requirements that students should carefully review before applying. It is recommended that students read all of the information provided on the relevant page to ensure they meet the necessary criteria. This Graduate route presents an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their career prospects and gain valuable experience in any sector and at any level.


Starting from 1 July 2023, eligible international graduates in Australia with select qualifications will be granted an additional two years of post-study work rights. This recent update by the Australian government is an excellent opportunity for international students seeking to study in Australia and those currently pursuing their studies in the country, as they will now have the chance to gain global career experience for up to eight years for select programs.
The extension will increase post-study work rights from two years to four years for select bachelor’s degrees, three years to five years for select master’s degrees, and four years to six years for all PhDs. 
This two-year extension is in addition to the existing one to two years of work rights for eligible students who study, live, and work in regional areas. These updates offer a fantastic opportunity for international students to gain valuable work experience and broaden their horizons in Australia.


International students who graduate from Canada have the opportunity to take advantage of various employment opportunities in Canada after completing their studies. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows students to stay in the country for up to 3 years with a work permit, depending on the length of their course. This program is particularly advantageous for international students who want to enhance their career prospects and gain valuable work experience in Canada.
In addition to this, if students wish to continue their education, they can apply for a visa and study further in Canada after post-graduation. The option to stay back in Canada after completing their studies is a significant benefit for international students as it can open up new and exciting career opportunities. The availability of work permits in Canada after post-graduation is a major draw for many international students who choose to study in Canada.
For example, if a student completes a one-year course or study program, their eligibility for a one-year stay back in Canada will depend on specific criteria. Similarly, students who complete a two-year full-time course or study program can stay back in Canada for up to 3 years. These options provide international students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience and enhance their skills, making them more attractive to potential employers in Canada.

The charm of prestigious Universities and Colleges

Renowned universities across the globe, including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge, are renowned for their academic distinction and pioneering research. These prestigious institutions provide students with access to exceptional faculty, top-of-the-line facilities, and unparalleled prospects for personal and professional advancement.
Universities situated in the UK, Australia, and Canada are not only recognized as some of the best universities globally, but their teaching methodologies and research-oriented education are also highly sought after by students who aspire to study abroad. Many Indian professionals from leading MNCs are opting to pursue a research-based education system abroad. Additionally, it has become increasingly challenging to secure admission to top Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Enhanced career prospects

Studying internationally gives Indian students a distinct advantage in the global job market by bolstering their resumes, showcasing their adaptability to new cultures and surroundings, and providing them with an expansive network of international contacts that can prove to be immensely beneficial in their professional pursuits. 
Studying abroad in countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada can provide Indian students with access to higher-paying jobs and a better standard of living. While the cost of living may be higher in these countries, the income potential for graduates is also significantly higher than in India. In addition, graduates from prestigious universities abroad are often sought after by top employers around the world, increasing their chances of landing high-paying jobs. Comparatively, the job market in India may not offer the same level of income or opportunities for career growth.

Opportunities to experience diverse cultures and Higher standards of living

Studying abroad through international education provides students with a chance to immerse themselves in different cultures, customs, and traditions. By experiencing these diverse perspectives, students can develop a more global mindset and hone their ability to thrive in multicultural settings. This can ultimately lead to significant personal and professional growth opportunities. Higher living standards can provide students with access to superior facilities, services, and amenities, improving their overall quality of life and allowing them to concentrate more fully on their studies. Moreover, these countries typically have lower crime rates, creating a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.

Better research opportunities

International universities provide Indian students with exceptional research facilities and diverse research opportunities, giving them a competitive advantage in their academic and research careers. The quality of research in international universities is often of a higher standard and has a more significant impact on the global academic community.

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