Business Careers You Can Pursue with a Globally recognized Degree

Business Careers You Can Pursue with a Globally recognized Degree

All kinds of economies in this world are dependent on private and public businesses. These businesses help to run the economy, create jobs hence the government earns through taxes. These multinational businesses always required advanced degrees to justify their job profile. These advanced degrees not only help companies to judge the potential of the students but also understand the tenacity of the students towards business. As per a survey it has been seen that the employers prefer international students and their degree in business for their companies.
It is clearly understood by the international career seekers that in order to boost their income or get a job in a truly multinational company a degree in business is needed.

Business Careers You Can Pursue with a Globally recognized Degree

Jobs that are in demand for international student

Management analyst:

Management analysts are those people who analyze the organizations and find possibilities to improve efficiency. Management analysts provide consulting to the organization about the problems that might be faced by the organization when the company is trying to get into a new market. These people are also responsible for advancing the operations of the company.
Expected salary: more than $80,000 yearly
Organizations that are actively looking for these roles are Mckinsey, Deloitte etc.

Marketing manager:

As the name suggests Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies by maintaining the vision of the organization. In day to day life marketing managers need to actively meet with sales managers, art directors, different marketing vendors etc. Marketing managers should be aware of the market and consumption changes in the market. 
Expected Salary: $110,000
Organizations that are actively looking for these roles are Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Heinz etc. 


Executives are responsible for different strategies to manage resources, companies mission, employees. Sometimes executives need to make sure that their goals are aligned with the goals of upper management. Executives are always engaged with tough decision making scenarios where they need to maintain the profitability for the company. These people later in life become VP of the company or go further to maintain a total vertical of the company.
Expected salary: $150,000 to $104,000
Organizations that are actively looking for these roles are 
  • Tata Steel - Port Talbot.
  • British Steel - Scunthorpe.
  • Celsa Steel.
  • Liberty Special Steels.
  • Outokumpu.

Human resources manager:

In every organization you need some people to manage payroll, recruit people, manage the blue collar labor’s rights, manage the payroll system, maintain the relationship with the employees. These people are called human resources managers. Human resource managers are also going to maintain the labor tax laws and its legal compliances
Expected Salary $105,000
Every organization hires for this role you just need to search. . 
Financial analyst:
Financial analysts create reports on the financial performance of the organization. These reports are meant to serve the company’s long term goal to generate revenue. They possess the skill of operation, finance and communication. They need to convey the message that the company can increase the bottom in short-term or in the long term by taking your advice. The report is also helpful to Financial analysts typically focusing on patterns affecting a specific industry, geographical area, or particular product. For example, an analyst may focus on the healthcare industry, a region such as the United Kingdom, or the foreign stock exchange. They understand how different regulations, policies, and political and economic trends can influence individual investments and portfolios of the marketing manager to understand the behavior of the company. 
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