Top 3 student cities and destinations to Study abroad in 2021

Top 3 student cities and destinations to Study abroad in 2021

Most of the students do not understand the fact foreign study does not mean that any university is good or education in every country except yours is good. There are certain countries where education is more beneficial to you than other countries. These differentiation needs to be done before you decide your first choice. Based on your choice your budget and other factors will take effect. A large number of Indian students choose to study abroad these days for the betterment of their career and future.

Top 3 student cities and destinations to Study abroad in 2021

We would like to give you some choices of countries where you should go for study


London is no doubt one of the largest cities where a large number of international students go to study. This city has been welcoming students for a long time and has been kind to the international students so far. London is also home to 18 world leading universities that are open to international students.
Scotland in the city of royals. It is best known for its culture. For a long time Indian students have gone
there for study and created their career there. One of the most notable universities that welcomes International students is the


Canada is the largest destination for international students. In fact Canada has decided to welcome more than 1 million immigrants over the next 3 years which opens different doors for the students. Canada is also the largest destination for Indian students. This shows the popularity of Canada among the Indian students. But do not think that Canada has low quality education. In fact Canadian universities hold ranks among the top 100 universities in the world.


It is the home of one of the biggest universities in Canada Lambton College. The culture and community of Ontario is very welcoming. It is a city so students may have higher expenses but the quality of the education will give the best ROI in future. 


One of Canada's biggest cities is Vancouver. It has held the rank of 16 out of 100 cities in Canada for a long time. It can be said that most of the multinational companies have offices in this city. The networking opportunity for the students is enormous in this city. Students are encouraged to study in Vancouver if they get a chance. 



It is considered one of the best cities in Australia for international students. Due to the large number of people here came from different countries to study. It is also a place where students can meet new people and culturally immerse themselves with the localities. 


it is the capital of Australia and along with the offices of different multinational companies it is also a place where students can make their career freely. Due to the diverse population and combination of different kinds of cultures students have the opportunity to take risks and jump into new kinds of jobs. These exposure to the different cultures help students to build their professional attitude, personality and also make them self dependent. 


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