Is it better to study in the US or Canada?

Is it better to study in the US or Canada?

Today in this article we are going to discuss which country is better for your higher education between Canada and the USA. For Indian international students Canada is the dream country as the biggest Indian community currently living outside of India is in Canada.  As per one report Canada has already taken over the USA as the best study destination. 
Currently the USA has a US F1 visa which is supposed to allow students  to enter the USA for their education, but has been freezed. The decision was revoked very quickly  and the H1B student visa saw the influx of international students to the USA. 

Is it better to study in the US or Canada?

Visa policies of both of this countries

In the case of the USA the visa application process is a bit lengthy and extremely complicated compared to the Canadian Visa policy. The Canadian Visa policy is much simpler  and also shorter  which helps students to finish the whole visa application process quicker than other countries. One of the biggest advantages of studying in Canada is the policies that allow international students to work while they study and also work after they finish their education. The Post Graduate Work permit allows international students to work up to almost three years In the Canada. 

Eligibility criteria for the international students

In order to get admission in the University of Canada or the USA, international students have to fulfill some criteria. But comparatively the eligibility criteria to get an admission in the Canadian University is much easier than the USA.

Required Years of  Education for the foreign education:

In order to pursue your higher education in the USA or in Canada students need to  complete their High School and 12th  with excellent academic score. For the masters courses, candidates must have a minimum of 16 years of education for studying in Canada as well as in the USA. 

Required entrance exam for foreign education:

For the bachelor's degree in the USA  candidates have to appear for the SAT exam. Contrary to that, in case  international students want to pursue their bachelor's degree from Canadian University they need not to take any kind of exam. Applicants who are willing to pursue their Masters from the USA must appear for the GRE exam as well as TOEFL or IELTS  for the language proficiency test score. In the case of Canadian universities the GRE scores are not  mandatory. 

The cost and the expenses of studying for international students in the Canada and the USA

Studying in a Canadian University is comparatively less expensive than at a US university. The major expenses for an international student is the tuition fee and the living cost in the particular country. The living cost and the tuition fee in the USA is much more than in Canada. An Undergraduate degree in Canada may cost an international student around 5000 to 25000 Dollars but  in the USA the cost can rise up to 6500 to 30000 dollars. The masters degrees in the Canadian universities are also cheaper compared to the US counterparts. A masters degree in the Canadian universities may cost you approximately 35-15 lakh depending on the course, whereas the master degree in the USA will cost you 60 lakh to 15 lakh.

Employment Opportunities

Your education is the first step towards your financial freedom. You have put in hard work and invested money in building your knowledge to earn money. A good amount of international students do not come back to their home country after they finish their higher education in foreign. They tend to find jobs in the respective country. The USA is by far the biggest country in the world in terms of purchasing power and per capita income. Some of the fields where international students end up working are the field of healthcare, pharmaceutical, universities, technology firms. Although one important part to note here is that international students who were in Canada got more job offers than their US counterparts. 
Canada is growing at a rapid pace and this growth supplements the job growth and this is one of the reasons behind government policies of Canada which encourages more immigrants to join their country.  The post-graduation work permit is an integral part of Canada’s immigration system which allows overseas students to work in Canada for up to 3 years after graduation. It is also a gateway to permanent residence and eventually citizenship.

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